The Wadi Tribe is an animated series dedicated in spreading wisdom and human values.


The Wadi Tribe (TWT) is an animated series dedicated in spreading wisdom and human values.

  • A land where each character has its own struggle with understanding or embracing wisdom or human values.

Some of the Characters in TWT

  • Tonza is a giraffe who struggles with his identity & roots. He wears an aquarium backpack to make his shadow look like a camel. He has lived in the desert for so long that he struggles to come to terms with who he actually is.
  • Saltur, the head of the tribe passes his wisdom of “ Honesty before Loyalty”  
  • Qusha who stands for anti-bullying, Arkur who is his twin shark makes eating your “greens” fun. Little fish who claims Arkur is his pet and has a much larger personality than his tiny size 
  • Anya stands for respect for elders , Renba (the shape shifter) for  protecting the weak
  •  Liqa, Azure & Max for following their heart,
  • Onkequ, Guwar &Iaqa struggle with tolerance & acceptance 

Why we do what we do.

  • We are passionate about  "life education" through entertainment
  • We believe there needs to be a new era of Wisdom & Human Values

How the message going to spread:

  • 1st Phase is to launch the TV animated series globally starting with UK & Ireland. Then the middle east market, predominantly the U.A.E

Brand Awareness:

  • TWT team have been focusing in bringing the brand to schools. The response has been overwhelming and the main "message” coming back from students was that they want to see characters like in TWT that they can identify with.
  • Most of the parents agreed whole heartedly that they would love to more children's edutainment brands which taught "life education"

TWT exciting future:

  • After the animated series TWT will focus on key areas which will help to spread the new age of "wisdom & human values."
  • 1) Theme Parks: Integrated with themed hotel resorts.
  • 2) A themed TWT Children's hospital: A healing building where it would be fun to go to the hospital 
  • 3) Schools: Where kids get practical knowledge and learning is fun not just based on "homework"




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