Friday 10 June, 2016

Access links to SOHBR page: Help SOHBR GET TO FINALE NIGHT!

Hi All Some voters are having difficulty accessing SOHBR page to VOTE because the links aren't live. To take you directly to our page please click on red font words at top of this message: 'Speaking of Human-Based Research' Many thanks Alex

Friday 10 June, 2016

We're still in VOOM competition- please help us get to finale night!

Speaking of Human-Based Research (SOHBR) broke new ground last week, securing 2nd place in round one of Virgin's VOOM competition, which meant thousands of fresh new eyes from the business and media world were focused on the failure of animal experiments for the very first time!

WITH YOUR HELP WE CAN REPEAT THAT SUCCESS! Please register your vote by using this link - for SOHBR to win Virgin's PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD and make valid science - that works for patients and stops animal experiments – the talking point at the finale of the VOOM 2016 competition.   Winning People’s Choice will mean a cheque for £10,000 and meeting Richard Branson in person as he hands SOHBR the award on finale night!

Please help us to place the urgent need to fund science that works centre stage at VOOM again: register your vote for SOHBR by using this link and clicking VOTE for PROJECT - Thank you Alex

Sunday 05 June, 2016

UPDATE Virgin competition - please VOTE for us to win People's Choice Award

On Tuesday we'll find out if our pitch has made it through to the next round in Richard Branson's #VOOM competition. Meanwhile, we ask if you will do one more thing to help us. We now need your vote to help win Voom's People's Choice Award. An award solely voted for by the public. If we win the funds will enable us to set up a PR business to promote non-animal technologies and publicise via the media, the scientific invalidity of using animals in experiments. VOTE HERE:

We have the best supporters in YOU. Animals need a voice. Patients need a voice. With your help we can win this so please vote and share like crazy and help us win People's Choice.


AN ODE to OUR SUPPORTERS Thanks to Your VOTES we pitched in the Pitchathon.

And whilst we wait to hear if we're through to Round Two We ask if there's one more thing you will kindly do? Please VOTE to help us WIN the People's CHOICE Together we'll give patients and animals a VOICE!

Thank you Alex, Deborah & Gina

Saturday 04 June, 2016

Please Vote for us in VOOM's People Choice Award

Thanks to Your VOTES we pitched to VOOM!

Whilst we wait to hear If we through to Round Two We ask if there's one more thing you will kindly do?

Please VOTE to help us Win the Peoples Choice Together we'll give patients and animals a VOICE!

Sunday 29 May, 2016

SOS: Speaking of Human Based Research Needs You! #VOOM

A BIG THANK YOU from Speaking Of Human Based Research and our mascot; The Big Beagle. Your vote helped us end round 1 of VOOM 2016 Virgin Media competition in 2nd place! Without your support and all important vote this would not have been possible. This is a fantastic opportunity sending a strong message that will benefit animals, patients and UK Economy.

But please don't stop showing us your support, as the competition has only just started. Now, round 2 is fast approaching and the countdown to our live televised pitch this Wednesday has began; we need to wow the VOOM judges and prove to them we have support in abundance. Please send us your 'selfie of support' and tweet us some kind words!

HOW? FOR SELFIE SUPPORT: All you need is an A4 piece of paper and your good self in the picture with (your message of support) SPEAKING OF HUMAN BASED RESEARCH #VOOM. Please email your selfie to Photos of support before the 31st May may also appear during next week of the Pitchathon on the Waterloo Station billboard, on Virgin or Virgin Media Business' owned channels and social media.

TWITTER SUPPORT: You can also support us by compiling a quick Tweet, here is a template tweet:

GOOD LUCK Speaking Of Human-Based Research in round 2 of @vmbusiness ‪#‎VOOM‬ @TheBigBeagle

Get your family, friends, dogs & cats to send in their selfies and tweets and help us fly through round 2.

Follow us on social media: Facebook/Twitter @TheBigBeagle Website:

Alex Irving Founder of Speaking of Human Based Research

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