myHealthPal® is a digital companion for managing health that helps people feel less patient and more empowered.


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Chronic conditions affect millions each year. We lack tools to make an impact.  myHealthPal (mHP) is a digital companion helping those living with illness track symptoms and manage medication. Data captured is used to empower patients and their careCircle and user generated data can be donated through our dataDonate® programme to drive reasearch and help others.


What is it? 

myHealthPal® enables people with long-term health conditions to take control and manage their condition. It captures and visualises data, transforming information into knowledge for patients, family, doctors, and research. 

It is based on five important building blocks that enable patients to take control and help others:    

     1. Taking control of your health    

     2. Tracking your symptoms and conditions    

     3. Keeping your loved ones in the know    

     4. Connecting with experts    

     5. Helping others going through the same


It's simply about helping people feel less patient and more empowered.



Size of the challenge?

“The global economic impact of five leading non-communicable diseases could total $47 trillion by 2030.” - world economic forum (

The impact of an aging population on world economies is huge. People living longer makes it more likely that they will live 10-20 years with a chronic condition putting huge strain on healthcare providers to provide adequate care. Conditionals like diabetes, Parkinson’s, HIV and cardio-vascular disease are diagnosed earlier and treated with increasingly expensive medicines. This is not sustainable.

Currently, 1 in 4 people in the UK has at least one long term condition. The cost of care accounts for 30% of the health and social cost. In the US around 1 in 3 people live with a long term condition. Almost every family is touched by or knows someone living with long-term or chronic condition.

Self-management by the patient and care circle will play an vital role in addressing this and mobile tech and the data it produces is a vital part of story


Who are we?

We're a small dedicated team aiming to make a real difference, supported by key advisors and backed by some great investors our vision is too help others.

     • Mike Barlow: Founder & CEO

     • Christopher Scollo: Acting CTO

     • Nimeshh Patel (Former AOL Europe Chief Operating Officer): Acting CFO

     • Andrew Nelson (Amey PLC Chief Financial Officer): Board Advisor / Investor

     • Dr. Mary Baker, MBE (Advisor to the World Health Orginisation): Board Advisor

     • Dr. Alastair Noyce: Advisor


DataDonate® - give something of real value.

Part our vision is to power research through anonymised user donated data, this real world data can help researchers better understand how people living with long-term conditions are affected by their symptoms and how it impacts their quality of life. Understanding how medication is used and measuring it's effectiveness together with how diet, exercise and environmental factors may also affect medication and symptoms is key to improving research, health outcomes and quality of life.

Our pledge is that no data will ever shared unless it's been donated.


Some notable achievements to date.

     • Sept 2014 achieved HIPAA certification

     • Nov 2014 secured trial with Mount Sinai in New York for people with Parkinson's

     • April 2015 public beta launched

     • Added 1,000 users

     • Captured 30,000 data points

     • Sept 2015 Meffys finalist: Most Innovative App category

     • Nov 2015 Appsters finalist: Most Influential Startup

Appointed world renound Dr. Alastair Noyce as an advisor

Parkinson’s UK Doctoral Research Fellow at UCL Institute of Neurology. His main interest is Parkinson’s and related Movement Disorders, early identification and epidemiology of Parkinson’s.

Appointed Dr. Mary Baker MBE as a board advisor

Immediate Past President of the European Brain Council and President of their ‘Year of the Brain’ project. Past President of the European Federation of Neurological Associations, Consultant to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Chair of the Working Group on Parkinson’s Disease, a member of the Strategic Advisory Board of the Human Brain Project, and a member of the Commission’s CONNECT Advisory Forum.


How are we funded?

We have successfully completed 2 rounds of EIS approved investment and will soon be launching a third to allow us to add support for additional conditions and exciting new functionality. To learn more or if you want to know when our crowd funding campaign is launched email


How do we make money?

myHealthPal® is free to patients and a subscription model will be introduced for careCircle members. In addition to this we will be focusing on 4 distinct b2b revenue streams with healthcare providers, insurers & pharmaceutical organisations.


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‟We all hope that we remain people longer than we are patients, but when we do become patients we deserve and hope that we are still treated like people” - Mike Barlow founder myHealthPal, diagnosed Parkinson's at 41.

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