Monday 23 May, 2016

Final result: 6th place!

We can't believe it! At the close of the voting competition we are in 6th place! We cannot thank you enough! You are simply amazing. The MacRebur Team.

Monday 23 May, 2016

13th place and counting.

Nearly there. Just a few hours left. We are just 3 places away from the top 10. Please give us the final push we need by sharing this link to your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. We are so grateful for your support.

Also check out these two businesses who have been helping us achieve our goal. Geo Hitch: The Creation Station:

Monday 23 May, 2016

We've moved into 14th place!

In the last 20 minutes we moved into 14th place. Your votes and shares are counting.

Just 6 hours left of voting and sharing time. Thank you again for your support.

Monday 23 May, 2016

We are now in 15th place!

We have moved into 15th place. We are so nearly there. Just 11 hours of voting time left.

Thank you for your support.

Monday 23 May, 2016

16th place...

Virgin Voom voting finishes at 11:59pm tonight and we are sitting in 16th position thanks to your vote.

We are pushing today to end up in the top 10. Fingers crossed. If you know of anyone else you can share our link with we would so appreciate your help again.

We will keep you up to date today and let you know where we end up tonight. Exciting.

Saturday 21 May, 2016

Support another great local start-up - Geo Hitch

Just a few more days to go until Monday’s deadline! Thanks for the continued support and your votes. Please share as much as you can with your friends and family, and spread the word off-line.

I'm excited to tell you that Geo Hitch - a fellow local competitor in the competition - has been moving up the rankings since joining the competition last Tuesday and is currently needing your votes to make sure they get into the top 80. It is a local based company that has developed an amazing app that gets people outdoors and they are already in ten countries worldwide after having only launched the app last week. Both companies are keen to push our local businesses to pitch to Richard Branson and I hope you will all support this great innovative company.

You can vote more than once and don’t worry about us competing against each other in the competition as there is plenty of space in the final 80 for great local businesses to pitch to Richard Branson!


Friday 20 May, 2016

Number 16...

First of all, thank you for voting for our Plastic Roads invention. We are so very grateful to you.

We are ranking at number 16 today and want to see how far we can get over the weekend before votes close on Monday.

Could we please ask you to share our video link on your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter feeds so that your friends and family can join you in voting for us. Your votes could put us in the top 10 and that would really help us 'Voom'!

Here's the link to copy and paste:

Thank you in advance for being part of our team.

Thursday 19 May, 2016

Virgin London marathon

55 million plastic water bottles were collected after this years Virgin London marathon.

Here's an idea: Perhaps in 2017, we can host a new Virgin marathon somewhere in the world, and our runners can run on roads made from the plastic bottles MacRebur collect and add in to their new road surfaces.

A greener, world record breaking Virgin marathon...

Thursday 19 May, 2016

Cleaning up our oceans

MacRebur have teamed up with 'The Ocean Cleanup' charity to help clean up our oceans. It is estimated that about 8 million tons of plastic enters the ocean every year (Jambeck et al., 2015). Part of this accumulates in 5 areas where currents converge: the gyres. At least 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic are currently in the oceans (Eriksen et al., 2014), a third of which is concentrated in the infamous Great Pacific Garbage Patch (Cózar et al., 2014).

This plastic pollution will continue to inflict damage on the following in the decades to come: Environment Economy Health

The plastic we collect from our oceans can be used in MacRebur's road mix. MacRebur look to partner with other organisation who wish to clean up the world and collect waste plastic.

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