Monday 23 May, 2016

Thank you - every single last one of you!

You have made our last week epic & one which we will never forget. For all the messages, votes, shares, likes, plaguing of family, friends, neighbours etc etc the team & I at Indu Healthcare are forever grateful. I am new to the entrepreneur game & Voom has given me a baptism of fire! We may not have made it into the top 80 but that does mean that we stop - this is only our beginning. I am very excited for what lies ahead for Indu Healthcare & achieving all that we have set out to do.

Thank you all again, Carol & The Team

Sunday 22 May, 2016

Urgent Update: Indu Healthcare & Elanova collaborate to make the top 80!

Indu Healthcare & Elanova have decided to collaborate for Votes in #VOOM – we are both Irish companies vying for a place in the top 80! We hope our Voters support this last, big push to get both Irish companies to London.

We ask our loyal Indu Healthcare supporters to Vote for Elanova at this link:

Lets get the Irish to London!!! VOTE NOW!!!

Sunday 22 May, 2016

Indu Healthcare saves the day (& Richard Branson)

Hilarious take on our #Voom2016 adventure & how it should all pan out (according to a genius 8 & 11 yr old!).