A technology company with a social purpose - to make quality, integrated home healthcare services accessible, accountable and affordable.





Indu is a technology company with a social purpose - to care for those who first cared for us, with the quality care that they deserve. Specifically, we want to redefine homecare, enabling our ageing loved ones to age their way, with the respect and dignity that they deserve. Being able to access individualised home care supports, specific to a persons requirements, when it is needed is critical to achieve this. 


  1. Rising demands for healthcare services secondary to a global ageing demographics.

  2. Insufficient budget availability through HSE/NHS to provide necessary supports for this growing demand - health service finances are almost at breaking point (unprecedented slowdown in funding growth and rising demand!).

  3. Move towards a community healthcare delivery model for financial and economical reasons supported by Goverments internationally.

  4. Massive amount of inefficiencies in existance within services secondary to fragmentation of health providers, poor integration and communication channels.

  5. Given choice, over 90% of seniors want to age at home. Huge pressures on families to provide care support to loved ones in the home however this is becoming more challenging secondary to increase of family members in the workforce. Furthermore, the number of older people will out number the number of younger generation 2:1 in 20 years - who will provide the supports that are needed?

  6. Difficulty faced by care recipients and their families in accessing, navigating, co-ordinating and managing care, even when private care providers are involved - massively time consuming and costs are exorbitant.

  7. Older persons are particularly vulnerable to experiencing social isolation and loneliness, which can have a significant impact on their health outcomes and quality of life. It is estimated that over 1 million older people in the UK alone are impacted by this preventable issue.  
  8. Significant problems experienced first hand by home carers and healthcare providers, such as poor salary rates, lack of control over working schedules, inability to progress within their profession, inability to source care work in a cost and time efficient manner outside of agencies.


Indu is transforming the experience of accessing care in the home and enhancing the quality of services provided, by offering families a seamless way to discover and schedule highly vetted, qualified and specialised home healthcare providers, when and where they are needed.

Through Indu’s platform, care recipients & family members can easily connect with care providers, schedule care appointments, recieve timely update communications from a care provider, which along with a care tracking and monitoring tool, provides timely insights into vital health information. The care recipient owns their care record and can easily share information with primary care providers to better inform clinical decisions. We support care recipients & family members with in-home care management, though simple integrated tools which enable set up of appointments, reminders and daily planners which are easily accessed, as necesasry, by all of those involved in a persons care.  

Indu's stringent vetting process enables its customers to focus on compatibility of care providers, not competency. We offer piece of mind and convenience to busy and often distantly located families searching for quality and reliable home care for their loved ones.

The integration and connection between professional and family supports creates a hollistic community/eco-system around a care recipient, whilst enabling them to retain control and remain an active participant in their healthcare management. 

For home and healthcare providers, we provide a unique opportunity to cost effectively source and manage care bookings, in their local area. We also enable these professionals to become part of an integrated & supportive community, increase their hourly pay rates and manage their own working schedule, providing them with flexibility and control over their working hours.

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Home healthcare professionals can apply to become a registered and vetted provider on the Indu platform free of charge. Our business model focuses on generation of revenue from a % commision charge on the hourly rate of home and heathcare providers.

As we develop our platform and offer care recipients and their families additional tools to assist with daily in-home care managment, health monitoring & tracking, a secondary revenue model of a monthly premium subscription will be offered to enable access to these valuable add-on features.

Indu seeks to integrate our services with other leading private healthcare providers such as hospitals, rehabilitation and nursing home facilities to facilitate timely patient discharges and transitions to home. Indu will offer these facilities access to specialised and trained care providers & therapists who can carry out non-medical care for a patient in the home, at a fraction of the cost of an in-patient bed. 


Indu will be launching into the Irish market in June 2016 and scaling to the UK market in 2017. Our initial focus will be the delivery of allied health services such as Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy, specifically for the Senior Market. We aim to expand our service offering to include specialised Home Care, a service which is critical to enable our ageing loved ones remain living in their homes as their ability to complete basic every day tasks is impacted for varying health reasons. 

6e360a6fc4153fbfa688179f5383298f.jpgHow can VMBVoom Help Indu?

Voom 2016 is an amazing opportunity! For Indu to progress to the next level and reach its goal of providing hollistic, integrated healthcare in the home which is accessible, accountable and affordable for all, we need both the financial support and mentorship that VMBVoom has to offer. We have completed amazing work to date on developing a scalable platform which includes unique features and functionality identified by our target users. However, to take our platform to the next level we need your support. Please help Indu in our bid to 'Pitch to Rich' by voting for us NOW!